It sounds as if Bristol Palin thought she was a “shoe-in” November 23 the 11th season of “DWTS” last night before the winner was claimed. Jennifer Grey and Derek Hough entered first place and presented the disco ball award.

Tonight the Milwaukee dancers join the others gathered from all over the U.S. to narrow the group down much deeper. Eventually, the top 50 will end the top 20; with 10 and also 10 women vying for the title of America’s favourite dancer beginning next week.

We met Alex Wong in Season Six of So You Think You can Dance. After an incredible audition where he went straight through to Vegas, Alex made it into the top twenty. However, he previously to decline the possibility for compete because he wasn’t allowed to be let loose of his existing contract with the Miami City Ballet. He was invited back, though, for factors season to go straight through to Vegas.

His flick credits include, “Tap” with mentor Gregory Hines, and Sammy Davis, Jr., “Bamboozled”, directed by Spike Lee, and the Academy Award-winning animation feature film, “Happy Feet,” with Glover’s choreography.

I was raised on aged show business adage, “The show must go on.” It has served me easily. As a Young Dancer it was drilled into my head that the guests didn’t care how I felt. They were there to see me moving. They’d paid a lot income to see me dance and it was my responsibility to be at my best, no matter how I felt.

There wasn’t a partner that he was combined with this season with the fact that the handsome Young Dancer did not click. Even his final performance – – a dance smack down with fellow competitor Twitch – – was a show stopper because the two friends played well off of one several other.